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Delivery & Returns

Choose the option that best suits you.

Shop on GuiAndSell & Enjoy:

- Free delivery on many items
- A range of delivery options to suit your needs, including collection or express delivery organised by your seller.
- If you pay through PayPal you have buyer protection

Choose The Best Delivery Option For you:

Sellers always include details of delivery options, estimated delivery date and postage cost within their listings.

You can see the full range of options on a listing under the seller’s postage details. You’ll know if the item is available to collect too.


Need To Return Something?

We hope you love your new buy. However, if you change your mind, some sellers accept returns.
Check out the details of the seller’s returns policy on the item page. This will let you know who is responsible for postage costs too.
If you receive a faulty good or something wasn’t described correctly by the seller, PayPal should cover the purchase price under their buyer and fraud protection scheme.

Extra Tips

- You can filter your search results to help look for a specific delivery option.
- Some sellers offer tracked shipping and can upload a tracking number so you can check your item status

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